Yapp Trust grants

Yapp Charitable Trust

The Yapp Charitable Trust offers grants to registered charities with a total annual expenditure of less than £40,000 who are undertaking work with their priority groups, which includes children and young people aged 5 – 25. The grants are for core funding only. Applications are accepted at any time.

The essential criteria for this grant funding

  • Is your organisation registered as a charity in England or Wales with the Charity Commission?
  • Is the charity’s total annual expenditure budget for the next 12 months less than £40,000?
  • Has the charity been formally established for at least 3 years (i.e. was the governing document adopted at least 3 years ago)? NB – this will be verified with the Charity Commission’s register of charities.
  • Does the work you are asking us to fund clearly fall within one of our priority areas (e.g. elderly, young people, disability) outlined in our guidelines?
  • Is our grant required towards running costs for existing work that has been happening for at least one year?

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