Winter Support Fund


As we move into the colder (and wetter!) weather, the way we coped with lockdown before will need to change as well. Many organisations are telling us that the cost of adapting their ways of working is a constant challenge and that they worry about the impact on the older people that they support.  In response to these conversations, we are pleased to launch our Winter Support Fund, providing grants of up to £1,000 to charities, community groups and social enterprises to help them in continuing their support of older people during the winter months.

The Winter Support Fund can support organisations to purchase equipment needed to safely deliver activities and services, or it may be used to help you reimagine a previously much loved activity. If the older people you are working with have identified a specific local need, then the Winter Support Fund could help you to address this. We want to support projects that are clearly needed and that continue to empower older people in the region.

The Winter Support Fund will be running for the rest of this year and in order to provide funds quickly and efficiently we will be reviewing bids on a fortnightly basis. Any bids received by 12 Noon, on the 16th October will be considered in the following week and the future cut off points will be:

  • 30th October 2020
  • 13th November 2020
  • 27th November 2020
  • 11th December 2020

St. Monica Trust is pleased to be able to support older people in the region during this time and our individual giving is still also open for gifts and grants, and the application can be accessed here:

If you have any questions regarding the Winter Support Fund, please email Angelina Shoemake, Community Giving Manager at