The Wellbeing College release Spring 2018 courses. Download the Spring 2018 Course brochure

The College has also moved into being digitally inclusive and have an online booking system which will go live Thursday this week… we will send you the link to this and the new site as soon as it goes up.  This means you can book onto your courses yourself and get information on what we can offer you in real time.  This doesn’t mean we are moving away from seeing your wonderful faces – if you want to meet with us so we can support you through the whole process, we can do that too.  Your journey is unique to you and we will support you with this.

For the new site, we are looking for those of you who wish to share your stories with the world.  We will have a blog section on here and we are looking for guest writers or people who would like to inspire others with your own journey through the College.

Download the Spring 2018 Course brochure