Volunteering Yate Update

Volunteering Yate update

Supporting students and job seekers

Volunteering can be the key to gaining confidence, learning new skills and supporting your local community. Volunteering Yate has been working to build positive relationships in the community to support students and job seekers to find valuable volunteering roles. Working with SGS we have been able to place volunteers into roles that give them the opportunity to gain the valuable experience they need. We have successfully run several volunteer drop ins at the JCP in Yate. We have supported job seekers to engage with volunteering and connect them with employability support, training and wellbeing groups.

Volunteering Yate

Top tips on making your volunteer roles fully inclusive through role carving.

Are you using all your volunteers’ skills effectively? Do you feel you have so much to achieve that you need ‘just the right volunteer?’

Finding just the right volunteer is hard and although it is important to get the right fit for your team, could you be over looking someone’s potential?

Role carving is a great way to make the most of your volunteer’s time and abilities. You may even find some hidden talents!

Role carving example;

Retail Volunteer

If you are buried in donations and have millions of things to sort in the stock room as well as manning the tills. The perfect example of role carving would be to break up the things you to be done into tasks. You could have someone in your team or to recruit for a front of house and customer service. Someone who is great with customers but does not have the confidence to use the tills…. could they be selling add ons? Recruiting for more volunteers? Be your fundraising guru? You could use just an hour of someone’s time after work to clean through your shop. You may have someone who stands by the back door and only collects donation bags and gift aid. You could have the support of a student for an hour a week to data input your gift aid into your database.

There are so many possibilities to carve up your volunteer roles and value your volunteers’ individual skills, it could also increase your productivity too.