Healthwatch Volunteers

Healthwatch can shape and improve local services for the future but we need volunteers to find out what people think works well and how they would like to see care improved. Healthwatch South Gloucestershire is all about people power. We listen to people’s experiences and opinions of using local healthcare services. We tell providers what people think and how they can improve, based on what local people say they want and need.

Community Outreach - Community Outreach Volunteers will staff information stands at venues such as local hospitals and GP surgeries, visit and talk to local community groups and attend big community events to find out what local people want and need from their local health care services.

Quality Lead – We are looking for a volunteer to lead on Quality for our South Gloucestershire Healthwatch Advisory Group. This person will lead on responses to NHS Trust quality accounts and the priorities each trust has set for the year. Quality accounts are a report about the quality of service provided by NHS healthcare providers.

Healthwatch Champion - Help improve local healthcare for local people, become a Healthwatch Champion for your community, healthcare or faith group. Ask people in your group to tell you their views and experiences of using local healthcare services, like hospitals, GP surgeries, care homes and dentists and share these views with Healthwatch South Gloucestershire, so we can take action to improve care based on what local people say they want and need. Give just one hour a month and make a big difference to healthcare where you live.

Healthwatch Representative - Attend local healthcare meetings to ensure local people’s voices are heard and acted upon by policy and decision makers. Feed in the views and experiences of local people by telling the meeting what Healthwatch has been told by the public. Share your record with Healthwatch South Gloucestershire so we can stay up to date with developments in local healthcare. This is an important and worthwhile role that will influence and improve how local healthcare services are run in our community.

Enter and View Volunteer- Go into hospitals, GPs and care homes to improve local care for local people. Shape and improve your local health and social care by going into services and finding out what people think about the care they receive. Help Healthwatch South Gloucestershire to bring about real and positive change to the services we all use and need.

Please visit to find out more, you can also phone the volunteering team on 0117 9589 363 or email [email protected]