Volunteer Rep

Are you looking to meet new people in the area and want to improve and support local communities?
Are you wanting to be more digitally inclusive but still make new connections with the real world?

Introducing "REPS" ~ a way to represent the news and views in the local area.
A great online tool to get us offline and meet real people at events in the local area.

We have a number of different ways to volunteer to help report events and news in the community.

Get people powered information: Do as many or as few of these micro-tasks below to create a bigger impact in the community.

1) Simply promote the Reps Map to your friends or colleagues (sharing tools available on the webpage)
2) Add local events or news by simply submitting a report in one of the 4 main categories of Health & Wellbeing, Children and Young People, Employment and Skills, Crime.
3) Comment and share your views on any events or news that are added to the REPS Map.
4) Show your support and tweet #sglosreps (we will then contact you to get you and your tweets automatically on the map).
5) Subscribe to email alerts of things that interest you locally.
Join us and use the REPS Map (a FREE digital community mapping tool).

Contact us to talk and walk through how to become a local REP or simply start right now.


Twin Wave CIC are a community investment company based near Bristol and Bath.

We are a group of trained facilitators with over 20 years experience delivering workshops, projects and events.
We are passionate about improving health and wellbeing by delivering our unique creative therapies and community development tools.
We are a flexible organisation with a number of artforms and therapies within our delivery, including music, sound therapy, SEN workshops, creative writing and music tech.

Our aim is to create positive changes for the most vulnerable groups or deprived areas in South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset.  Working together locally with health, community and education partners towards prevention or rehabilitation solutions.