Voluntary sector + Criminal Justice

CLINKS State of the sector report has been launched. The report looks at the results from a survey of over 200 voluntary organisations working in criminal justice, the financial analysis of 752 charities and 220 companies (social enterprises and community interest companies) and 10 in depth interviews.

This year CLINKS worked with NCVO to develop our methodology. They found that organisations are responding creatively to challenges, as service user needs become more complex and urgent. CLINKS will be working with key stakeholders to think about how Clinks and others can respond to the findings to ensure the sector can continue their work. Download the report here

Clinks’ Head of Policy and Communications, Nathan Dick, has written an article in the Guardian discussing the impact of the voluntary sector on the UK’s criminal justice system. More people are working in criminal justice charities than in the prison and probation services combined.

He writes, “We know the prison system is in desperate need of reform and that probation services are struggling to resettle people into the community. We believe the voluntary sector is key to any reform because it is the backbone of our rehabilitation and resettlement services.” Read the article here