The Prison Advice and Care Trust (Pact) has released a new film to launch a report by the University of Cardiff, which highlights the positive impact of Pact’s work supporting mothers in Eastwood Park Prison.

The study examined the impact of the Visiting Mum scheme, which was developed and run by Pact in partnership with Sova, as a three year proof of concept innovation to test out a new approach to meeting the needs of mothers in custody, many of whom struggle with a prison sentence, and who were not receiving visits by their children.

Over the past months, Pact has been working with a group of six mothers currently serving prison sentences. Thanks to a grant from the Big Lottery Fund, we were able to collaborate with the women to create a film, in which you can hear the women’s own voices, telling their experiences of arrest, sentencing, their first days in prison and how their imprisonment has impacted their relationships with their children and families. They also discuss their hopes for the future and the impact that Pact’s support has had on their lives, their roles as mothers and their relationships with their children.  

The film will help us to raise awareness of the challenges facing mothers in prison, the importance of maintaining family contact and will enable us to train other professionals on how they can support women in similar situations.

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