They have two main requirements: first, a project needs to be within five miles of a site operated by Veolia Environmental Services (UK) plc; and second, it must come under one of our five funding categories and meet their connected criteria. See the Location and Categories links on website below for more information.

ENTRUST, the organisation which regulates them, only permits funding of projects which come under a set of categories. They use five of these categories and a project must come under one of these in order for it to be considered for a grant.

If a project comes under one of their categories, they may only fund a specific aspect of it. For instance, a request may be made for funds to refurbish a community hall, a category they support. However, they would not pay for the installation of CCTV or floodlighting but would finance repairs to the building.

Here are some brief descriptions of their categories. You can read about them in more detail on website below. They advise you to do this if you are thinking of applying for funding. You can also read some short case studies of projects in each category.

  • Community Buildings
  • Parks and Paths
  • Play and Recreation Features
  • Nature Reserves
  • Supporting Biodiversity

NB A minimum of 20% of funding needs to be secured for projects with a total cost exceeding £25,000.

If your initial enquiry is accepted, it is a requirement that all the statutory approvals, such as planning consent and Environment Agency and church faculty approvals, have been obtained prior to submission of the completed application.

The application process runs on a rolling basis, with four rounds every 12 months. You will be told the region your project is located in when you start an application. Full applications submitted on or before the deadlines are appraised at the Board meeting on the same line. The Trust will constantly monitor the situation and our website will be updated accordingly.

Please feel free to contact the Trust if you need any further help or advice on Tel: 01902 794677.

Applying for funding: You should fill out an Initial Enquiry form online before making a full application.


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