The South Gloucestershire Compact

Getting it right together – The South Gloucestershire Compact

The Compact is an agreement between the public sector and voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in South Gloucestershire. It sets out a way of working together to strengthen the relationship between the sectors, for the benefit of residents and communities.

It highlights the benefits of working effectively in partnership and provides a best practice framework, allowing both sectors to understand their commitments to each other.

The Compact applies to public sector organisations who have pledged to uphold their commitments; all Town and Parish Councils who have adopted the Parish Charter; and all voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations operating in South Gloucestershire.

We support the implementation of Getting it Right Together The South Gloucestershire Compact which was refreshed by the South Gloucestershire Partnership in July 2014.

We manage the Compact Disputes process and if you have a concern or would like to talk through an issue confidentially please contact

Terms of Reference