Organisational development

CVS has been working with our partners for over 5 years to build a co-ordinated support service offer in South Gloucestershire for voluntary, community and social enterprise groups and organisations to form, to evolve and to grow.

We can offer the following experience and expertise: 

  • Community consultation
  • Measuring and demonstrating impact
  • Sustainable Funding and income diversity, including fundraising help
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Recruiting, managing and maintaining a high quality experience for your volunteers
  • Developing effective and successful partnerships and collaborations
  • Working with the private sector to maximise in-kind support and developing effective long term relationships

How to access support

Book your free diagnostic that must be completed before any support can be offered, as it enables us to to identify the specific support that your organisation needs.

Please call 01454 865205 or email us  or directly contact one of our Associates who offer this support.

Neil Mcken   Pete Hawkins   Emma Collier   Roger Griffith   Sue Cooper