Good governance

Trustees and Management Committees collectively hold the legal responsibility for their Charity, group or organisation. This service has been developed to meet your organisation or groups governance needs.

However large or small your organisation, we can tailor-make the information, support and training package that will help you to build strong effective governance for your organisation.

How to access this support

Book your free diagnostic that must be completed before any support can be offered, as it enables us to to identify the specific support that your organisation needs.

Please call 01454 865205 or email us  or you can directly contact one of our Associates that offers this support: 

Emma Collier    Alice Payne     Mike Bowles

The Essential Trustee Guide. A new version has been published by The Charity Commission, as the key guidance document for all Charity Trustees in England and Wales. It explains what the regulator expects of trustees and outlines their responsibilities, and is for trustees to understand their key legal duties and avoid many of the basic errors that often lead to serious problems. Download the guidance here