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South Gloucestershire Equalities Forum

Is coordinated by the Partners Group.  Its membership includes key public and voluntary sector organisations in South Gloucestershire, including organisations representing equality communities in the district.  Membership of the Partners Group is open to any organisation working in the area which is committed to promoting equality of opportunity. 

The Partners Group s meet at least three times a year to:

  • Share information about equality issues provided by the members
  • Share examples of best practice by members
  • Establish informal working groups to work together on issues of concern to members
  • Organise Community Forum events
  • Follow up on the outcome of Community Forum events, helping to ensure that they contribute to changes in practice which benefit equality communities
  • Operate an e-group which disseminates information about equality issues to subscribers
  • Nominate members to sit on partnership bodies to help inform them about equality issues

Read the Terms of Reference for the South Gloucestershire Equality Forum.            

You can contact the forum here

Community Forum

The Partners Group organises a Community Forum conference event each year to consider a topic identified as of common concern by equality groups.  These events bring together organisations and individuals to discuss the chosen topic, highlight the concerns, and to initiate a process to introduce measures to reduce that impact.

For more information on the 2015 and 2016 forums, future forums and other equality events please review our Equality events page