South Gloucestershire Equalities Forum

The South Gloucestershire Equalities Forum (SGEF) brings together public and voluntary sector organisations working to achieve a shared vision of South Gloucestershire being a place where people and communities are able to live without fear or experience of discrimination.

Our aim is to bring together all the information we have about equality communities in South Gloucestershire.  This includes research reports and news of local and regional events of interest to equality organisations, staff who are working to help their organisation improve the way in which they serve members of equality communities and individuals with an interest in these issues. 

For more information on the Forum or upcoming events please see below.

If you have questions, or information, events, research you would like added to this site please contact  The South Gloucestershire Equalities Forum


South Gloucestershire Equalities Conference

Conference Report from March 2018

More on the forum

details on how the South Gloucestershire Equalities Forum works and what it does

Equalities Events

the Equality Forum's community forum and other equality events