The Policies Sites and Places Plan (PSP plan) was subject to an Examination in Public by an independent Inspector, appointed by the Secretary of State, who held hearing sessions on 7, 8, 22 and 23 February 2017.

Following the close of the hearing sessions a schedule of Main Modifications has been prepared. The modifications are intended to address issues of legal compliance and/or soundness. Representations should only be made in respect of the effect of the modification(s) on the Plan’s soundness or legal compliance - this is not an opportunity to make comments on any other part of the PSP Plan. A guidance note has been prepared to explain how to make representations and is available to view.  

When adopted this will form part of the Local Plan for South Gloucestershire. The PSP plan contains detailed planning policies to manage new development, allocate and safeguard sites. Once adopted it should be read alongside the Core Strategy (adopted 2013) and the Joint Waste Core Strategy (adopted 2011). Upon adoption, the PSP Plan will replace the remaining ‘saved’ policies of the 2006 Local Plan and 2002 Minerals and Waste Local Plan. 

These Main Modifications have been published for a six-week period between 12 June and 24 July 2017 and representations are now invited. Please be advised that late representations cannot be taken into consideration by the Inspector or the Council. 

In order to assist the understanding of the modifications, the Council has published a note setting out important information regarding Local Green Space Designation, the allocation/safeguarding of sites, and the monitoring and implementation of the Plan, which is also available to view at the website linked below.

All representations received will be passed to the Inspector for her consideration in drafting her final report. Information regarding this consultation can be found at

In addition to these Main Modifications, the Council has also published a schedule of Additional Modifications – i.e. those which, taken together, do not materially affect the policies in the plan, such as minor factual updates, grammatical or typographical corrections etc. The Council has also published consequential changes to the policies map. These Additional Modifications and Changes to the Policies Map are published for information only, and do not form part of the consultation.