South Gloucestershire Food Plan 2017

The South Gloucestershire Food Plan looks at our relationship with food and seeks to help shape a better food culture for the people of today and future generations

The purpose of the Food Plan for South Gloucestershire is to create a more healthy, sustainable and just food system for our area. It will do this by identifying the key needs and challenges, and by providing a framework for coordinated action.

A Food Plan in South Gloucestershire will create a vision for improving the food system and culture in South Gloucestershire. It will be a collaborative project that brings together a range of stakeholders that have an influence on food in the region. It will celebrate the good work that is currently happening and highlight the gaps for improvement.

The Food Plan covers three Key themes;

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Jobs and local food economy

A stakeholder plan has been developed, which incorporates three levels of involvement:

1. Steering group: the leading group that will oversee the development of the Food Plan, and support decision-making

2. Sub groups: groups who will support content development in relation to the three key themes

3. Food Network: a vehicle for sharing good practice, providing networking opportunities, and promoting food projects, activities and events in South Gloucestershire

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