Armistice Day Centenary Poppy Gardens - Be Involved! Opportunity for children (Keystage 1,2,3) to become part of a very special part of the South Gloucestershire in the First World War project to make a local poppy garden display.

The idea is that the school children will make clay poppies, inscribed with one of the ‘names’ from their local war memorial. It is hoped that these will then be placed all together, maybe around their own local war memorial or at their local church to join the flower display that many churches are planning for the Armistice weekend in November 2018

The Armistice Day Centenary Poppy Gardens Pack is now downloadable, which gives Step by step making a clay poppy instructions for Key Stage 1,2,3

The pack contains:

·     Full step by step clay poppy making instructions

·     Armistice Day Investigation Quiz

·     Letter writing Activity

·     Story Writing Activity

·     Feedback form

The schools, churches or other bodies are free to organise the logistics of the poppy gardens with any other local groups taking part as they wish.

Please do let us know if your community is being involved.

By using the project memorials website  to choose their 'name' the children will discover some of the fascinating stories of the local men, who they were, what their job was before they went to war, where they lived, how and where they died.

One primary school teacher, whilst using this information with her class, had a pupil put up their hand ' Miss, he lived in my house!' and the whole class looked closer.

 For more, free First World War learning resources and information about the project please go to