Free Home Office accredited 'Prevent Duty' training for voluntary, community or social enterprise organisations.

Three sessions: 19 October 2pm, 21 November 10.30am,  21 November 2pm

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Voluntary and Community Sector (VCSE) provide important services to our communities and vital one to one support with residents.

Although the risk of terrorism in South Gloucestershire is low, it is a sad fact that radicalisation and terrorism can happen anywhere.  Vigilance must be maintained when considering those who may be vulnerable to radicalisation in our communities. In light of the increased terrorist attacks over the last twelve month, we are continuing to raise awareness of safeguarding our communities, through providing free Home Office accredited training.

South Gloucestershire Council works closely with local voluntary and community groups to maintain strong inclusive communities and ensure the required support is delivered.  It would therefore be good practice for all VCSE organizations to attend a workshop to raise awareness for prevent (WRAP).                           

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