Potter Foundation

The David and Elaine Potter Foundation is a charitable family foundation established in 1999 to encourage a stronger, fairer civil society. It has granted more than £16 million to registered charities in the UK and abroad.

The Foundation’s funding is divided into categories: Education and Civil Society. The trustees are interested in lasting social change, and in forming long-term partnerships with the organisations the Foundation supports.

Civil Society: grants for work that addresses questions of power, inequality and lack of voice with primary focus on transparency, accountability, anti-corruption and good governance.

Education: grants to support projects which promote education for all people with a focus on improving policy, improved practices and techniques and sustainability, favouring grants directed at education in support of economic and social well-being in low and middle income countries, especially in southern Africa.

They are willing to provide multi-year grants up to a maximum of five years where the needs of the programme require it. They also recognise the benefits of unrestricted funding and will consider providing grants which are not restricted to the direct costs of a particular programme or project and which can be used for general core costs. They are willing to enter into co-funding partnerships with other grant making organisations.

Important notethat applications are strictly by invitation only. They do not accept or consider uninvited or unsolicited applications. If you think your work may fit their remit you should email them to discuss your potential eligibility and whether it is something that they may potentially fund. Please do not send written correspondence.

Application Form: If you wish to make an enquiry about your eligibility please send an email to: info@potterfoundation.com

Deadline: Enquiries can be submitted at any time.

Contact: The David and Elaine Potter Foundation, 6, Hamilton Close, London, NW8 8QY

Tel: 020 7289 3911

Fax: 020 7286 3699

Email: info@potterfoundation.com

Website: http://www.potterfoundation.com/