Porticus UK

Porticus UK’s mission is to have solidarity with the poor and the marginalised, reflecting their Christian responsibility and support for the Roman Catholic Church. This is done through the provision of high quality charity advice and philanthropy services to their donors and partners. They aim to offer a dynamic service, providing both effectiveness and initiative whilst remaining an organisation in-touch with people’s needs.

Porticus receive many more applications than they are able to fund. Applications are only likely to have a chance of success if they fall under the following categories:

  • Strengthening Family Relationships
  • Enriching Education
  • Transformation through Faith
  • Ethics in Practice

They define their priorities based on the interests of the Trustees and identified areas of need within these interests.

They do occasionally fund small grants of less than £10,000, but most of their grants are between £10,000 and £25,000. They occasionally fund larger projects.

Although their values are based in the Catholic faith, they welcome applications from all organisations, whether or not they have a faith basis.

They understand that a charity’s funding priorities are not always specific project costs, and so welcome applications for developing policy, advocacy and research.

They put particular emphasis on organisations which have a proven model and wish to expand.

They will only accept applications from organisations which are a registered charity in England, Wales or Scotland.

More information is available from the website below.

Application Form: Available to download from the website.

Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time.

Contact: Porticus UK, Fourth Floor, Eagle House, 108-110 Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 6EE  Email: porticusuk@porticus.com  Tel: 020 7024 3503 (open 9-5 Monday to Friday)

W: https://uk.porticus.com/en/funding-guidelines