Patchway Minibus Committee

Volunteer Title: Chair, Patchway Minibus Committee

Description of the Volunteer Role: To be responsible for coordinating Patchway Minibus Committee members, drivers and other volunteers to ensure the safe and smooth running and sustainability of the charity (No. 259617) which, since 1974 has provided a service for the residents and groups that live /operate in Patchway. To work with the committee to make sure that the constitution and any relevant policies are up to date. To follow the Charity Commission guidelines regarding the role of trustees and committee members to ensure that the treasurer is able to send any returns to them at the correct time and to make sure that any other returns that may be of benefit to the charity, such as Fuel Duty Rebate, grant applications/ reports are carried out. To Chair bi-monthly meetings, including an A.G.M. which is open to users and general members of the public. To work with committee members, users and other interested parties to raise awareness of and promote the use of Patchway Minibus to residents and groups that operate in Patchway.. To oversee a diary of minibus use and that suitable donations for this have been made. To ensure that drivers have a current appropriate D1 or B1 category licence and that those between 70 and 80 have a medical check to enable them to continue to drive and that the insurance company is notified of these. To ensure that drivers and escorts have appropriate DBS checks and any relevant training is given. With the help of others to organise and carry out any fund raising / awareness events.

Contact information for applicants: Mrs. W. M. Williams
14, Hamilton House
Charlton Boulevard,
Charlton Hayes
BS34 5QY

Tel. 0117 3327 423
m. 07934 932 126
Closing Date: 10/08/2020