Pete Hawkins

Pete Hawkins

Social Enterprise, Funding, Organisational Development, Executive Coaching. Pete brings 20 years experience of helping small-medium charities and offers a relaxed and approachable style that is person-focused.

Martin Gregg

Equalities, Health, Survey data management and analysis. Martin brings a wealth of experience from the public and charitable sector, with specialisms in equalities, health, survey data management and analysis.

Helen Farmer

Social Enterprise, Executive Coaching, Marketing. Helen brings 20 years experience of working with charities, social enterprises and universities. She will bring fresh energy and insight to help organisations grow and evolve their impact.

Alice Payne

Funding, Good Governance, Social Enterprise. Alice brings a wide range of strategic, management, fundraising experience in medium-large charities, community groups including 14 years of high-level fundraising for NSPCC.

Julie Ellison

Social Enterprise, Executive Coaching, Governance, Organisational Development. Julie brings a wealth of specialist knowledge grounded in supporting VCSE organisations from start up to scale up.

Emma Collier

Funding, Social Enterprise, Organisational Development, Governace, Coaching. Emma brings 20+ years experience of the VCSE sector in funding advise and leadership, with a particular aptitude for turning ideas into real projects.

Alistair Beattie

Funding Advice and Strategy, Social Enterprise, Organisational Development, Executive Coaching. Alistair brings 38 years experience working in the VCSE and public sector with special expertise in empowering communities

Clare Adamson

Marketing, Communications, Information Services. Clare brings 20 years experience in the VCSE and private sector with a specialism working for making positive difference in our communities.

Tracey McCarthy

Social Enterprise, Human Resources. Tracey brings 20 years experience in HR in the private, public, charity and voluntary sectors. She has also held many volunteer leadership roles including Chair of Governors and Vice Chair of Survive.

Helen Black

Good Governance, Crisis Support. Helen brings 20 years of Infrastructure working in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector at development and executive level, with several roles as Chief Officer and Director.