South Gloucestershire is faced with a growing ageing population over the next 5-20 years as life expectancy increases and people from the post-war ‘baby boom’ reach old age. The likelihood of being disabled and receiving care increases with age.

As part of the development of a new Local Plan it is also important to provide robust evidence to identify future demand and to identify a range of housing options for older people.

As such, South Gloucestershire Council are undertaking a range of analysis work to understand these issues and engage with residents aged 55 and over and their families. The analysis will include a Survey of Older Residents to gather feedback on current housing, needs and future aspirations. 

Please complete this survey if you are aged 55 or above. 

Alternatively, both the online and paper surveys can be accessed via the Consultation webpage 

Survey deadline: The survey will run until the 27th April 2018

Please note: South Gloucestershire Council will also undertake other analysis work. This will include evidence gathering to inform analysis by reviewing Strategic Housing Market Assessment data, census information and a range of other sources, Public Health information at Authority and ward level, Stock analysis of current older person housing in the District in all tenures and a