Our Associates

We provide a range of standard advice and support services to local voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations across South Gloucestershire. Our network of Associates, listed below, bring together a wide base of skills and expertise allowing us to also provide tailored specialist support to help your organisation grow and evolve.

Accessing support  free diagnostic must first be completed with the help of one our staff or Associates to enable us to identify the specific support that your organisation needsFind out more and/or book your diagnostic

Mike Bowles

CVS Support Provision Financial Management & Good Governance

Other Support Offered;

  • Business Planning
  • Accountancy
  • Strategic Thinking Support

Skills Expertise 

Mike brings a wide and varied experience of working in private, charitable and public sectors to enhance efficiencies and effectiveness, with strategic and planning support, funding bid applications and financial management and holds a qualification in Management Accountancy.

Contact Mike on mike.bowles@cvs-sg.org.uk

Alison Findlay

CVS Support Provision Executive Coaching

Other Support Offered;

  • Leadership training
  • Management training

Skills Expertise 

Alison is a coach and mentor, who delivers leadership and management training

She is a skilled, experienced leader and manager with 17 years’ experience working in the public and voluntary sectors.  She has a passion for making a difference and improving lives, and has held several voluntary roles including Trustee of a youth work charity in South Bristol and Academy Councillor. 

Contact Alison on alison.findlay@cvs-sg.org.uk

Dick Whittington

CVS Support Provision Good Governance, Funding & Social Enterprise

Other Support Offered;

  • Development of rural community enterprises
  • Community engagement

Skills Expertise 

Dick works for West of England, one of 38 county based charities affilated to ACRE (Action with Rural Communties in England) whose purpose is to support rural communities. He has extensive experience in developing rural and community enterprises such as Village Halls, Community Transport and Community run shops, covering issues such as community engagement, legal structures and fundraising.

Dick has particular interest in social investment, including community shares and social investment tax relief, and in Community Rights under the Localism Act.

Contact Dick on dick.whittington@cvs-sg.org.uk

Annie Legge

CVS Support Provision Social Enterprise

Other Support Offered;

  • Building digital skills and confidence within individuals and teams
  • Assess digital governance maturity and policy needs
  • Provide a supportive management framework for managing digital solutions & technology
  • Policies and standards for digital best practice
  • Business analysis, strategy and planning
  • Overseeing the implementation of digital communication strategy
  • Project development, planning and project management support
  • Social Media

Skills Expertise 

Annie is an independent consultant supporting organisations in the third sector to leverage digital capabilities to transform what they do and increase their impact.

Annie is an experienced digital specialist with over 15 years’ experience in leading and implementing digital strategy most recently with a focus on digital governance within the third sector. As a clear and effective communicator Annie is skilled in ensuring stakeholders have the information they need to make critical business decisions and choose solutions which are fit for purpose.

Contact Annie on annie.legge@cvs-sg.org.uk

Helen Black

CVS Support Provision Good Governance & Crisis Support

Other Support Offered;

  • Representation and Advocacy
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Collaboration and Partnership forming
  • Facilitation

Skills Expertise 

Helen has been working in VCSE infrastructure since 1998. Currently Chief Officer of CVS South Gloucestershire, previous roles include Chief Executive of North Yorkshire Forum for Voluntary Organisations and Deputy Director of Bradford CVS, Chief Executive of GAVCA.

Partnership Working: Compact Implementation Group Vice Chair, Chair VCSE Leaders Board

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector representation and advocacy: South Gloucestershire Local Strategic Partnership, Chief Officers Group, Safer & Stronger Partnership Vice Chair, Economy and Skills Partnership, Children’s Trust Board Vice Chair, West of England Local Enterprise Partnership Skills Group.

Contact Helen on helen.black@cvs-sg.org.uk

Tracey McCarthy

CVS Support Provision Social Enterprise & HR

Other Support Offered;

  • business planning and development
  • employment best practice
  • managing change
  • managing conflict in the workplace

Skills Expertise 

Tracey has 20 years of Human Resources Management experience gained in private, public, charity and voluntary sectors. She has qualifications in management and HR management, as well as the Award in Education and Training.

Tracey has experience as a volunteer at leadership level, including Chair of Governors and Vice Chair of Survive. Currently, she has her own business, delivering support to employers in the greater Bristol area.Tracey is a passionate supporter of the Bristol Zero Tolerance campaign, which aims to be the first city in the UK to have a zero tolerance approach to gender based violence

Contact Tracey on tracey.mccarthy@cvs-sg.org.uk

Alistair Beattie

CVS Support Provision Funding, Social Enterprise, Organisational Development & Executive Coaching

Other Support Offered;

  • Research social policy issues
  • Produce reports and briefing papers for diverse audiences
  • Facilitate and organise conferences and seminars for professionals and service users
  • Facilitate training courses and engagement/consultation with service users
  • Design questionnaires

Skills Expertise 

38 years experience in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector and public sector in executive management, research, fundraising, development, training and information. Current work includes development and organisational management support to the Bristol Multi-Faith Forum and the Somerset Anne Frank Award. 

Worked with a variety of user group, including older people, homeless people, users of mental health services and users of accessible transport services

A special interest and expertise in empowering communities, managing community based activities, promoting partnership working with faith communities, interviewing and consulting with disadvantaged groups, social research and development.

Contact Alistair on alistair.beattie@cvs-sg.org.uk

Emma Collier

CVS Support Provision Funding, Social Enterprise, Organisational Development, Good Governance & Executive Coaching

Other Support Offered;

  • Project and programme management
  • Project development, planning & budgeting
  • Representation and advocacy
  • Evaluation, monitoring and needs analysis research

Skills Expertise 

A former CVS Chief Officer and an accredited Funding Adviser, with over twenty years of working with voluntary and community organisations in London and the West Country in a support and development role.

With a particular aptitude and enthusiasm is for turning ideas into real projects.

Contact Emma on emma.collier@cvs-sg.org.uk

Alice Payne

CVS Support Provision Funding, Social Enterprise & Good Governance

Other Support Offered;

  • Strategic reviews and business planning
  • Project development, planning & budgeting
  • Fundraising and fundraising strategy development (specialising in major gift and corporate fundraising)

Skills Expertise 

Wide range strategic, project management and fundraising experience for large-scale projects and medium to large charities, with 14 years high-level fundraising experience at the NSPCC.

Executive roles: Chief Officer, Sustainable Communities Manager both for local community charities

Recent work: Change management project for the Law Society, governance and business planning support for Lyde Green Community Association and fundraising consultancy for Meningitis Research Foundation.

Contact Alice on alice.payne@cvs-sg.org.uk

Martin Gregg

CVS Support Provision Equalities

Other Support Offered;

  • Strategic reviews and business planning
  • Management

Skills Expertise 

Associated with CVS South Gloucestershire for seven years

Equalities: developed ‘Reaching Out – Linking in’  – a Big Lottery funded project designed to improve opportunities for equalities communities to have their voices heard.

Manages the VCSE State of the Sector Annual Survey  

Management of Compact Implementation Group

Lay member of the South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group

Contact Martin on equalitiesdevpt@cvs-sg.org.uk

Pete Hawkins

CVS Support Provision Social Enterprise, Funding, Organisational Development & Executive Coaching

Other Support Offered;

  • Strategy and market development
  • Business planning and business development
  • Organisational strength reviews and project evaluation
  • Impact measurement and theory of change
  • Partnership, collaboration and merger brokering
  • Improving team dynamics and performance
  • Senior management coaching
  • Away day facilitation

Skills Expertise 

Self-employed consultant, with relaxed and approachable style that is person-focused.

20 years’ experience, specialising in helping small to medium sized charities.

Organisational development and management guidance both to individual charities and on behalf of funders including Trusts, Community Foundations and the Big Lottery.

Contact Peter on pete.hawkins@cvs-sg.org.uk

Neil McKen

CVS Support Provision Social Enterprise, Funding, Organisational Development & Executive Coaching

Other Support Offered;

  • Strategic analysis, planning & development 
  • Advice on developing, and managing, the innovation process
  • Organisation & facilitation of workshops for Trustees & senior management
  • Independent sector research (e.g. policy developments, potential impact)
  • Project management support

Skills Expertise 

Strategic Development and Business Planning services: wide range of business experience in both SMEs and large organisations (public & private sectors); with a particular focus on strategic analysis, planning & development.

Guest lecturer in corporate strategy & global strategy (postgraduate) at Bristol Business School (UWE) since 2011. Teaches both strategic management and entrepreneurship for small business (undergraduate).

MBA from the Open University Business School & holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations.

Contact Neil on neil.mcken@cvs-sg.org.uk