Nuffield Foundation

The Nuffield Foundation grant-making reflects the Foundation’s aim of bringing about improvements in society through research and practical experiment. The wide range of activities supported by the Foundation fall into two main categories:

  • support of research and innovation that will bring about beneficial social change
  • development of research and professional capacity with particular emphasis on people in the early stages of their careers in the sciences and the social sciences.

The Foundation grant programmes that support research and innovation for beneficial social change.

As an independent Foundation, they are well placed to deal with sensitive issues, to challenge fashions and tacit assumptions. They support people with creative ideas to identify change or interventions which will have a practical impact for researchers, policy makers and practitioners. They do not fund the ongoing costs of existing work or services, or research that simply advances knowledge.

The Foundation also has an Education Programme which supports research and development work in specific priority areas. Unsolicited grant proposals are not accepted, but other funding opportunities arise from time to time.

The Foundation currently has seven grant programmes that support research and innovation for beneficial social change.

  • Children and Families: helps to ensure that the legal and institutional framework is best adapted to meet the needs of children and families.
  • Early Years Education and Childcare: This programme was launched in March 2015 and brings together and extends our interests in ‘Foundations for learning’ (within our Education programme) and ‘Early Years’ (within our Children and Families programme).
  • Economic Advantage and Disadvantage: We are interested in the distribution of all aspects of individual and household economic well-being, from poverty and benefits to wealth and savings.
  • Education: grants in a number of priority areas in order to improve education opportunities and outcomes for all.
  • Finances of Ageing: We take a broad interest in aspects of finance, economics, and transfers related to individual and population ageing.
  • Law in Society: promotes access to, and understanding of, the civil justice system.
  • Open Door: for projects that advance social wellbeing, but lie outside our main programme areas.

Application Form: Outline application first and if successful in proceeding to the next round, a full application will then be required.

Deadline: There are two opportunities to apply for the funding opportunities list above:

Round 1:

  • Outline Deadline: 5.30pm 10th October 2016
  • Full Application Deadline: 5.30pm 2nd February 2016

Round 2:

  • Outline Deadline: 5.30pm 24th April 2017
  • Full Application Deadline: 5.30pm 13th July 2017

Contact: The Nuffield Foundation, 28, Bedford Square, London WC1B 3JS


Tel: 020 7631 0566

Fax: 020 7323 4877

For the full information and to apply please visit the website.