Next Generation innovation fund

Round 2 now open for applications

The Next Generation innovation fund offers 3 elements of support for successful applicants:

  1. Research and development support – The opportunity for successful applicants to work in partnership with the Next Generation consortium and others to develop their ideas into a business plan for an innovative community energy business.

  2. Grant funding – If a strong concept, delivery plan and budget can be demonstrated in the R&D stage there is the opportunity to apply for grants of up to £100,000 to help you deliver a new community energy business model.

  3. Learning and peer networking – The opportunity to be part of a peer network which facilitates learning and dissemination between the groups and the wider energy sector to help the sector to move beyond the traditional subsidy-supported approach as the Feed in tariff is no longer available and the sector needs to find new models in order to continue developing.

They also aim to create opportunities to influence how policy- makers, industry and public sector stakeholders view community energy business, thus improving their understanding of and levels of positive and proactive engagement with the sector.

There are two rounds of applications. One took place in December 2018-February 2019 at which five groups were selected to move forward into the Research and Development stage.

The next five groups will be selected at the second application round which will be open from 1st July 2019 to midnight on 15th September 2019.

They are seeking well established and experienced community energy businesses in England who want to develop innovative business models, building on their past achievements. Projects will need to be complete by June 2021.

To apply to this fund you must submit an Expression of Interest form which will also be published at the foot of this page. In the Expression of Interest form, applicants are required to describe their achievements and projects to date and the experience, skills and assets they have at their disposal. They will also be asked describe their idea for an innovative community energy business model in their area.

Shortlisted groups will need to attend an interview in October 2019 (date to be confirmed). The selected groups will move on to the Research and Development phase.

For full guidance and to apply please visit their website.