Trustee and senior manager alert: automatic disqualification rules coming into force soon – be prepared!

Following the Charities Act 2016, new restrictions on who can run a charity will come into effect on 1 August 2018. This affects trustees and some senior staff who may have unspent criminal records. It’s not known how many people this will affect, and all charities will need to take steps to make sure people in relevant roles are not disqualified, so be sure to check out this key Charity Commission guidance.

The Commission has also opened a new waiver system for people who are at risk of being disqualified under the new rules, and they’ve  started accepting applications for people who might be affected.

The charity ‘Unlock’, which works with people with criminal convictions, has also issued guidance on the topic  for charities and  for individuals, as well as an  online tool to help you understand if the new rules might affect you.

Source of Information: DSC (Directory of Social Change)