Purpose of the Scheme

The purpose of the 20mph scheme is to reduce traffic speeds in Hanham, in particular in the vicinity of Christ Church Hanham C of E Primary School, Hanham Abbots Junior School, Hanham Woods Academy, and Samuel White’s Infant school. The proposed scheme will make walking and cycling to school more attractive.

The purpose of the speed tables is to reduce traffic speeds by introducing four 75mm high speed tables in Hanham High Street, Lower Hanham Road and Tabernacle Road, which will improve road safety for vulnerable pedestrians and road users in these areas.

Proposed Scheme

The proposed scheme is to reduce the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph along roads in the vicinity of the schools close to Hanham High Street.


To install a 75mm high, full width speed table on Hanham High Street, located adjacent to the Hanham Community Centre,

To install two 75mm high, full width speed tables on Lower Hanham Road, located either side of its junction with Mount Hill Road,

To install a series of 75mm high speed cushions on Lower Hanham Road, either side of the proposed speed tables,

To install a 75mm high, speed table at the southern end of Tabernacle Road with 1.2m gaps between the table and kerbs.

Depending upon the results of the public consultation, and publication of the formal Notice of Intent, it is hoped that the proposed scheme will be implemented during 2018/19.

Please see the consultation documents/drawings for more information.