National Grid: Community Grant Programme

National Grid’s Community Grant Programme is aimed at community groups and charities in areas where National Grid is affecting local people through our operations and site activities.

We fund projects with one-off grants that meet local communities’ needs and provide a range of social, economic and environmental benefits. Please the more detailed criteria below:

Social benefits:

  • Initiatives that support hard-to-reach members of the community improving inclusion and diversity
  • Initiatives that support community safety – from gas or electricity safety to protecting at-risk members of society including the elderly and those with special needs
  • Education projects especially those that support the development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) skills
  • Activities that promote or support health and wellbeing in the local community, for example addressing fuel poverty

Economic Benefits

  • Initiatives that support economic regeneration or prosperity (for example the development of a social enterprise)
  • Initiatives that support a work placement or retraining scheme which increases employability of people disadvantaged in the workplace and helps get people back to work
  • Initiatives that support capacity building for community, charity or voluntary groups to help them improve their services, whether it be reaching more users or extending the hours that the service is available

Environmental benefits

  • Initiatives such as renewable energy or conservation projects that have a direct and positive environmental impact
  • Awareness-raising projects that improve environmental behaviour or understanding, from recycling to water resource management

For the full information and to apply please go to their website.