MAF award funding South Gloucestershire Councils' Member Awarded Funding (MAF) scheme that gives councillors the opportunity to make awards to projects and services that benefit residents in their ward, is in its second year of operation. Each councillor has £3,000 to award to local projects and services. 

South Gloucestershire Council is holding a Grants Advice session on 26 June. Individual sessions can be booked by appointment between 1.30-3.30pm.  Book an appointment with a Grants Officer on 01454 865865 or email [email protected].

Grants up to £3,000 to be awarded to local community groups, social enterprise organisations and town and parish councils are eligible to apply to their ward councillor for funding to support local projects, events and services. If you work within more than one ward, larger awards are possible as you can apply to more than one councillor. Applications can be made to councillors at any time. 

For more information about the scheme, visit

This year awards have already been made to youth groups, community centres and sports clubs.

If you have an idea for a project or service that will benefit your local community, contact your councillor to discuss your plans and to ask for an application form.

Councillors have the option to award all their annual funding to either a single organisation or divide it amongst a number of groups. They can also elect to combine their individual fund with other councillors across ward boundaries in order to provide greater support to a particular scheme.