Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation

Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation

The aims of the Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation are broad, although particular emphasis is placed on causes that support the following areas:

  • the care, welfare and support of children (including education);
  • the promotion of health, welfare and the advancement of medical services;
  • the relief of poverty, indigence and distress;
  • the care, welfare and support of the aged, infirm, handicapped and disabled; and
  • the support of the arts.

The Foundation will also consider granting a small number of substantial capital donations for worthy causes that fall within its priority areas.

Contact: Further details are available from Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation, 2nd Floor, Fitzrovia House 153-157 Cleveland Street London W1T 6QR

Tel: 020 7383 5111

Fax: 020 7383 4999