Are you enthusiastic about walking? Are you passionate about protecting the places we love to walk in? Do you enjoy meeting new people?

This is a really exciting opportunity to get involved with campaigning at both a local and national level on issues that affect walkers and the environment everywhere. You can make the role what you want it to be, but some of the things you could get involved with include:
1.      Building relationships with local decision makers - by holding events and meetings with, for example, MPs, local authorities, businesses, private individuals and organisations etc - to make the case for Ramblers' campaigns.
2.      Engaging with other walkers to build support for campaigns, to raise their awareness of and enthusiasm and support for a country designed for walking, for example through gaining media coverage, hosting stalls or fundraising.
3.      Keeping an eye on what's happening locally to inform Ramblers' campaigns, for example by speaking to Ramblers' groups and walkers and performing desk research to find out about key local authority meetings etc.
4.      Promoting Ramblers' campaigns locally and identifying and recruiting local people who are interested in becoming more involved with Ramblers' campaigns at a less intensive pace e.g. attending a meeting or signing petitions but are not able to commit time to an in-depth role.

Details of how to apply

Please visit

and read more about the Ramblers and our campaigns at

If you'd like to have a chat about the opportunity, or have any specific questions, please get in touch with Laura Burley, Campaigns Officer [email protected]  tel. 0207 3398584