Laing Family Trusts

The Laing Family Trusts are a group of four grant-making trusts sharing a single administration. An application to one is therefore considered as an application to all. You do not need to make multiple applications; your application will be directed to the most appropriate of the Trusts.

The Beatrice Laing Trust was established in 1952 by Sir John Laing. Its focus is on the relief of poverty and the advancement of the evangelical Christian faith, both at home and abroad.

The Kirby Laing Foundation was established in 1972 by Sir Kirby Laing. The Foundation supports a wide range of charities both in the UK and abroad, reflecting his personal interests and concerns and those of the Trustees. Areas of particular interest to the Trustees include:

  • promotion of the evangelical Christian faith
  • education, with a particular interest in the promotion of science and engineering, and youth development
  • medical research, with a particular emphasis on dementia and stroke
  • social/medical welfare projects, particularly those benefitting elderly and disabled people
  • preservation of cultural/environmental heritage and improving access to the arts for young people and the disabled (projects of national importance only)
  • overseas development projects

The Maurice & Hilda Laing Charitable Trust was established in 1996 by Sir Maurice and Lady Hilda Laing. The Trust has a specifically Christian focus and most grants are made to or through faith-based organisations. The Trustees have identified three main areas of interest:

  • Advancement of the Christian Religion
  • Relief of Poverty in the UK
  • Relief of Poverty Overseas

The Martin Laing Foundation was established in 1979 by Sir Martin Laing, a grandson of Sir John Laing. Areas of particular interest include environmental and conservation work, small community projects benefiting disadvantaged young people or the elderly and infirm, and Norfolk-based activities. A small number of grants are made to overseas projects, particularly in Malta and Thailand. Potential applicants should note that very few unsolicited approaches to this Foundation are successful.

Application Form: Apply in writing following the guidelines on the website below.

Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time.

Contact: Laing Family Trust, 33, Bunns Lane, Mill Hill, London, NW7 2DX

Tel: 020 8238 8890