Healthwatch South Gloucestershire Prioritisation Panel member volunteer

Volunteer Title: Healthwatch South Gloucestershire Prioritisation Panel member volunteer
Description of the Volunteer Role: We are looking to recruit new volunteers to join our Healthwatch South Gloucestershire Prioritisation Panel.
The main purpose of the Prioritisation Panel is to represent the voice of local people and work towards making positive changes in health and social care. This is achieved at quarterly meetings where we:

Prioritise issues
This is the main task of the Panel and involves working with Healthwatch to analyse the data that Healthwatch holds in order to determine which themes or issues are of highest priority for patients and service users in South Gloucestershire.

Decide how issues are taken forward
Prioritisation Panel members working with Healthwatch will recommend what form each piece of work could take, e.g. patient questionnaire, focus activity, patient and user interviews, specific tasks or other forms or processes as agreed by the Panel.

What we require from you:
• An extensive knowledge of health & social care functions
• The ability and commitment to attend quarterly Prioritisation Panel meetings
• Actively participate in meetings through discussion, review of minutes, papers and other Prioritisation Panel documents
• To provide an unbiased and objective view on issues discussed
• To adhere to Healthwatch’s confidentiality policy
• To ensure that Healthwatch maintains equality and diversity in its work
• Prioritisation Panel members will be expected to abide fully by Healthwatch’s Code of Conduct and maintain high standards of integrity

What to expect from Healthwatch
• A volunteer induction
• Appropriate training for the role
• Expenses for attending meetings
• Any other appropriate support as identified individually
• Respect and recognition for your contribution as a volunteer.
Contact information for applicants: If you are intested please get in touch to request the role profile and application form by emailing or phoning 01275 854311 or 07517 426694. The deadline for applications is: 5pm on Tuesday 30 June 2020.

Closing Date: 30/06/2020

Organisation Name: Healthwatch South Gloucestershire