Getting It Right First Time

The Kings Fund report on Getting It Right First Time programme, which aims to bring about higher quality care in hospitals at lower cost by reducing unwanted variations in clinical practise.

It uses national data to identify the variations and outcomes, shares that data with all those concerned with a service – not only clinicians, but also clinical and medical directors, managers and chief executives – and monitors the changes that are implemented.

The programme began with orthopaedics and is now being rolled out to 32 different surgical and medical specialisms across the English NHS. Through an informal assessment of the programme, this paper sets out what the programme is, why it is needed, what is different about it, what it has achieved, what challenges it faces and what potential it has. It also contains vignettes illustrating hospitals’ experiences of the programme.

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In a related blog Durka Dougall argues that improving quality of care for patients and delivering better value care are often two sides of the same coin.