Over the past four years CVS and our partners have helped local good causes raise over £800,000 from a wide range of sources

We can help and support your organisation to secure a sustainable financial future through our new funding advice service, provided by our skilled and experienced people.

  • Need to fundraise for the first time and not sure where to start?
  • Looking to apply to a major funder for the first time? We can support or write your funding application.
  • Not sure which funders to prioritise or what to ask for first? We could assist in developing a funding strategy, prioritising your funding bids and funders

Book your FREE diagnostic. Contact helen.black@cvs-sg.org.uk or call 01454 865205                              

Support beyond the initial diagnostic starts at £30 per hour.

NCVO’s Financial Sustainability Survey reviews how charities are responding to a changing financial environment, with many organisations reaching a ‘capacity crunch’ which affects their ability to look for and apply for future funding.