Foodservice Team Volunteer Roles

Giving hope and a pathway to a better future is the key ingredient that The Matthew Tree Project has been practicing since being established in 2010. The charity is delivering over 9000 meals each week to households in need, in-conjunction with a holistic crisis support service to help vulnerable people address the root causes of their hardship and rebuild a better future. The crisis support offered includes advice, befriending, mentoring, skills training, employment opportunities, and is delivered via an expertly joined-up network of strategic service delivery partners. Recognised nationally as a ‘best practice representative’ of charitable community services, The Matthew Tree Project and its subsidiary, RISE Social Enterprise, has had a significant influence in shaping how food poverty and crisis support services are delivered across the UK.

Volunteers required;

Food Appeal Collection

Van Driver

Drivers Mate

Food Distribution Centre

Read the poster Food Care Team volunteer roles_2020 for more information on the roles and how to apply