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Summary of role: SARI is keen to get an objective and external assessment of the impact and outcomes of our work both to inform our future direction in terms of service development and improvement. Although we have had external evaluations of our achievements with 2 funding streams in the past few years we have not had a wide ranging review of all our activities. Our application for Trusted Charity accreditation is about to be submitted and we have decided that the timing is right for us to have the type of review specified in the attached Terms of Reference.
Job tenure: Contract
Annual salary/pro rata salary: FIXED FEE
Link to full information on job/how to apply: STAND AGAINST RACISM & INEQUALITY (SARI)


  1. Background 1.1. Stand Against Racism & Inequality (SARI) started service delivery in 1991 as Support Against Racist Incidents (SARI), an organisation offering a support service for victims of race hate in Bristol.

1.2. SARI’s growth and development since then has been substantial both geographically and in breadth of services. We currently work in the 5 local authority areas of Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and Somerset.

1.3. In 2013 we secured the approval of the Charity Commission to revise our objectives which permitted us to work across all the protected characteristics as defined in law and changed our name accordingly.

1.4. In summary form, the services we now offer are: • casework for victims of hate crime • consultancy in cultural competency, equality and diversity • training in hate crime awareness, best practice response, equality and diversity best practice • assemblies and classroom sessions in schools • 1:1sessions with young victims • 1:1sessions with young perpetrators

1.5. Our main funders are Bristol City Council, National Lottery Community Fund, South Gloucestershire Council and Bath and North East Somerset Council. In addition, we have a range of service level agreements with housing providers, universities, health and social care providers.

1.6. Since June 2013 we have been funded by Bristol City Council for a collaborative hate crime service. Initially, this collaboration comprised 4 members with SARI leading administratively alongside Brandon Trust, LGBT Bristol and Bristol Mind. It was called Bristol Hate Crime Services. In the autumn of 2016 we were successful in our application to the City Council to deliver hate crime services again for 4 years. This time we widened the partnership by adding Resolve West (formerly known as Bristol Mediation) and Bristol Law Centre (formerly Avon & Bristol Law Centre). This new collaboration started delivering on 1st July 2017. Once again, SARI took on the co-ordination role.

  1. Scope of this Evaluation 2.1. A review of our primary service delivery interventions, casework service, training and education interventions to establish how well we are delivering against our Mission, Values and Strategic Objectives.
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2.2. A particular focus on how we are performing against our primary casework focused contracts (BHCDS, National Lottery Community Funded service and South Gloucestershire Council funded service to establish the impact we have had against the original aims of these contracts

2.3. A focus on service user satisfaction and the views of local stakeholders e.g. partner agencies and community groups.

2.4. A review of how well we are achieving our intended outcomes and according to services users and other stakeholders in each of the authority areas we cover i.e. Bristol, B&NES, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

2.5. Identify gaps in our delivery and make recommendations to better achieve outcomes identified by our contracts, our service users and our stakeholders.

2.6. Identify how well we are reaching communities vulnerable to hate crime and gaps in our reach.

2.7. With regards to timeframe to be evaluated, we would like the evaluator to focus on the time periods of the current service delivery contracts referred to above.

  1. Relevant Documents • Contracts and service level agreements • Monitoring returns • Service user feedback • Business Plans • Board minutes • Board Reports • Website • Annual Report • Publicity • Case files • Budget (including income & expenditure)
  2. Key Contacts 4.1. For matters inside SARI the evaluator will need to deal with Alex Raikes & Mike Shotter

4.2. For contact with client and stakeholders, arrangements should be made through Alex Raikes

  1. The Evaluator 5.1. The person appointed to do the work will have produced a proposal which evidences:

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  • recent completion of at least 2 comparable projects, an understanding of and empathy with equalities issues, the ability to keep to time and cost.
  1. To apply Please send a document no longer than 4 sides of A4 which:
  • shows details of all evaluations accomplished • gives examples of timetables for previous evaluations and actual times • provides a plan detailing activities and time estimates • contains a detailed budget with VAT (if appropriate) shown separately • confirms the holding of Professional and Public Liability insurance (certificates of insurance must be furnished by the chosen evaluator) • provides details of 2 referees who can comment on recent work

You may also wish to attach a recent evaluation report.

Applications must be submitted no later than 5pm on Monday 16 December 2019. You can send your application either by email on finance@sariweb.org.uk or post to SARI, P O Box 2454, Bristol BS2 2WX

  1. Post Application Process Shortlisted applicants will be informed by email no later than Friday 10 January 2020 and will be told the time and date of their interview which will take place at SARI’s offices.

SARI cannot cover any costs arising from attending the interview.

  1. Queries Please address these to Alex Raikes on either email address director@sariweb.org.uk or 01179 420060 ext 249 or 07501722891
  2. Outputs Required from The Evaluator We require 4 reports (paper & electronic). They are:
  3. a) A SARI generic report which, whilst it identifies funding streams, does not write anything at this level. b) A report on our National Lottery funded work (this will need to show the impact in each on 3 authority areas in which the project is delivered) – funded 1st May 2016 – 30th April 2021 c) A report on our Bristol Hate Crime and Discrimination Services work – funded 1st July 2017 – 30th June 2021 d) A report on our South Gloucestershire funded work – funded April 2018 – March 2021.

In producing reports (b) to (d) the evaluator must make a judgement call on what, if anything, in the generic report should also be included in these reports.

Application deadline: 16/12/2019