Developing Health & Independence

“One of DHI’s many strengths is that it is so flexible and ‘can do’. It’s big enough to make a difference on a large scale, but small enough that it can move quickly in response to need.” Ken Littlewood, DHI supporter


DHI is a registered charity that challenges disadvantage and social exclusion by supporting people to achieve their potential and contribute to the richness and well-being of their community.


  • To support the provision of affordable housing for those in disadvantage or socially excluded
  • To educate and influence
  • To provide value for money services

WEBSITE AND CONTACTS   tel. 01225 478 730    email.


Rosie Phillips, CEO         tel. 01225 478 730    email.


Home Turf Lettings.  
DHI’s not-for-profit social enterprise, was set up in response to the growing housing crisis; a lack of affordable housing being a key issue for many of its clients.

Home Turf Lettings is always evolving in a volatile climate to offer the best support to clients. Its Empty Homes Scheme, for instance, finds vacant properties and helps owners convert them into affordable housing for the homeless or those at risk of homelessness.

Magda and Sean, Home Turf Letting’s 100th tenants, fell into this category when Magda gave up her job after their son was diagnosed with cancer. Unable to afford to rent from a private lettings agency, they were able to benefit from the Empty Homes Scheme, moving into a newly converted flat in a building that had once been used as a gym but had been empty for years.

Drug Awareness Program.  DHI identified a need to educate the public about the use and dangers of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) or ‘Party drugs’. DHi worked with Chasers Nightclub, Kingswood, giving free training to their staff to help them to understand the dangers of NPS use, recognise what the substances look like and support them to feel comfortable to identify and deal with clients who look like they may be under the influence. The logo for our NPS service, SPACED, is now featured on the security staff uniforms, with staff directing those they suspect of using NPS to our website and organisation for support.

DHI has also run a awareness campaign about PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs such as steroids). Working with Tom Blackman, co-owner of Ministry of Fitness gym, who has extensive knowledge of PEDs, leaflets are being distributed on what PEDs there are, what dangers they pose and how to use/inject steroids safely.  People are also referred to the DHI needle exchange service, the DHI advice team and DHI staff trained on use of PEDs