In partnership with Patchway Town Council and Vivid Regeneration Ltd, Southern Brooks is helping to create a new Community Plan for Patchway.

Through online and paper surveys, public meetings and conversations face-to-face, over the next six months, we will be collecting 1500 responses from the local community.

We will be asking the local community what kind of Patchway we want to create for the future. In the Autumn we will create a Community Plan document, which will be a living document, full of ideas and actions. The Community Plan will then be accessed through a dedicated website, the Town Council and other platforms.

Before we create a larger survey, we want to ask ‘you’ and your Patchway service users, what kind of focus we should initially have. This will help give us an initial ‘direction of travel’ and to decide what questions to ask in the bigger survey.

Using this survey monkey link please fill in a couple of quick questions.

Using this survey you can also express interest in getting involved with the Community Plan as a volunteer, lead on a theme, or/and get involved with the Community Plan Steering Group.