Community Mentor (currently online based)

Volunteer Title: Community Mentor (currently online based)
Description of the Volunteer Role: *This project is still taking place with all mentoring activity, as well as all stages of recruitment, training, support and supervision, temporarily taking place online/over the phone. This will be facilitated by the use of technology, which at this stage we are unable to provide, therefore we require candidates to have access to a private personal computer with video camera and mic.

We also require candidates to have access to an appropriate desk set up in which they feel comfortable and safe, and can also speak in private, in order to respect the organisation and clients confidentiality policies. We will be reviewing the project’s processes throughout, and will look to move activities ‘offline’, whilst potentially maintaining some online best practice, only when safe to do so, and where appropriate.

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting this important project during this particularly challenging time*

We are currently looking for individuals interested in volunteering as a Community Mentor in South Gloucestershire, who will focus on helping young people develop confidence, self-esteem and improved interpersonal skills.

You’ll do this by bringing a positive attitude, outside perspective, and your own personal experiences. Sharing your community, hobbies and interests, and supporting a young person to develop their own. You will also act as a positive, reliable role model and responsible adult in their life.

Mentors are a reliable and motivating figure in a young person’s life. Mentoring offers young people the chance to be inspired, supported and encouraged to seek out opportunities that they might not have previously considered.
The young people we work with have all either been at risk of homelessness or have been homeless. They may be care leavers, have spent time in custody or be deemed at risk of custody. They may have experienced poor mental and/or physical health, addiction, been the victim of a crime or exploitation. They may be a parent. They may be an unaccompanied asylum-seeking child. This may be the first time they’ve lived in South Gloucestershire or they may have grown up and have family here.

The length of intervention is likely to vary from individual to individual, however we ask that Community Mentors can commit to at least 2hrs a fortnight, for 6months.

When done right mentoring can transform lives, both for the Mentor and the Mentee.

About You
You don’t have to have had any formal experience of mentoring to be considered for this role, as full training is provided. What you do need however are good listening skills, patience and enthusiasm to talk about your own experiences and share knowledge as appropriate.
You’ll also have empathy and understanding of the needs of young people who have experienced a disrupted education, and homelessness, and the barriers they face.
You’ll be flexible, assertive and resilient, able to develop effective working relationships with young people and engage with a variety of personalities.

We welcome applications from anyone, but due to the backgrounds and interests of our young people we are particularly interested in hearing from any people who:
– Spent time in care
– Describe their ethnicity as Black, and/or consider themselves as part of a minority ethnicity group. In particular we are looking for mentors who are Kurdish (Iraqi, Afghani or Iranian), Sudanese or Eritrean
– Are Muslim or Christian
– Were born somewhere other than the UK
– Are parents, single parents and/or had their children between the ages of 16-25
– Have lived experience of unhealthy relationships, having then left one through support
– Have lived experience of homelessness, and/or unstable accommodation including sofa surfing
– Offended and/or were considered (or now consider themselves in hindsight) at risk of offending in their youth. Please note that appointment is subject to an enhanced DBS check and any offending history will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please note despite us feeling it is helpful for mentors to have lived experience that relates to their mentee’s experiences this is not essential for a successful match. In addition, we are not expecting any volunteer to be an expert in the unique needs of the groups noted above, and we provide support via dedicated roles within our organisation to these groups – with mentoring an additional offer to some young people, alongside this. We will discuss with you and assess your preparedness to work with a mentee from the group above at the application, interview and matching stage.
Contact information for applicants: Sarah Hickie
Commuity Mentoring Coordinator (South Glos)
1625 Independent People

Please see our web page for more details, including the role description, and to apply:
Closing Date: 15/05/2020
Organisation Name: 1625 Independent People