COIN Event

The Cohesion and Integration Network (COIN)

A multi-agency response to cohesion

Forthcoming event – Thursday 6th June


Cohesion and integration are terms generally used to describe how people from different backgrounds mix, interact and get along with each other. These can be differences in ethnicity, faith, age, social class, and gender. Building cohesive and integrated communities is about developing neighbourhoods, workplaces, institutions and social spaces where difference is welcomed and celebrated, and where empathy and curiosity is encouraged; moving beyond narratives of ‘us’ and ‘them’ towards ideas of kindness and trust between groups.

South Gloucestershire is a good place to live and is generally a safe place to be. Our communities are generally well connected, with strong relationships between voluntary and community groups, statutory services and the council.  We do however acknowledge the challenges faced if people aren’t able to get along, which can lead to tension and intolerance emerging, ultimately leading to fragmented neighborhoods, hate crime and increases in anti-social behaviour. We work with our partners to support and deliver cohesion initiatives which promote a common vision and sense of belonging, and an environment where the diversity of people’s different backgrounds and circumstances are appreciated and positively valued.

Many individuals and organisations, including your own, are also doing work on a daily basis that improves cohesion and integration. For this reason, we are hosting a Cohesion Engagement Event delivered by the newly formed Cohesion and Integration Network (COIN). The COIN is a new national membership organisation and charity set up to support all those working to strengthen social bonds and tackle divides in neighbourhoods, workplaces, institutions, places and social spaces.

The event will take place as follows:

                Date: Thursday 6th June 2019     

                Time: 10.15am – 13.00pm (followed by lunch)

                Venue: Pomphrey Hill Pavilion, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 9NF

The purpose of this engagement event is to support organisations and practitioners across South Gloucestershire to explore cohesion and integration programmes in the area, identifying strengths and the kinds of support that might help you further develop this vital work. Attached is an agenda detailing the areas we will cover during this half-day session.

We are seeking representation from a diverse range of stakeholders to reflect the broad range of services and areas impacted by and which influence social cohesion. 

If you can attend, or would like any further information, please contact Abigail Johnson ( Please include any accessibility or dietary requirements you have.