Grants from the Commonwealth Foundation are available for innovative project ideas and approaches that seek to strengthen the ability of civic voices to engage with governments and that have the potential to improve governance and development outcomes through their active participation.

The Commonwealth Foundation (CF) is an international organisation, established by Heads of Government in support of the belief that the Commonwealth is as much an association of peoples as it is of governments.

The Foundation awards grants for projects that contribute to effective, responsive and accountable governance with civil society participation. In addition to awarding grants to civil society organisations (CSOs)1, the grants programme will broker knowledge and ideas. It will support innovation, share replicable and sustainable models, and promote good practices across the participatory governance sector.

The grants programme has three objectives:

  • To deliver an efficient and effective programme which is responsive to the development needs of CSOs across the Commonwealth.
  • To complement the effectiveness of the Foundation’s projects by providing grants to CSOs beyond those supported through the programme work.
  • To generate knowledge and understanding of participatory governance and its benefits in promoting effective, responsible and accountable governance within the Commonwealth by supporting models of good practice.

Grants of up to £50,000 per year over a period of no more than four years.

Application deadline 3 Jan 2018

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