Catering Cafe Manager

Summary of role: Working as a Catering Manager at Brooks Café

A huge amount of passion, energy and joy goes into preparing our meals and specials making Brooks Café the place to go for amazing healthy food. As well as providing great food you will want to inspire people to get involved and be excited by opportunities to celebrate different cultures through food, including running a range of theme nights and activities throughout the year. Join Brooks Cafe and become part of this energetic team.

About the role

Brooks café is composed by a mix of assistants and volunteers and you will be motivating, teaching an helping them to reach their full potential. By creating and changing exciting menus in collaboration with The Community Development Café manager you will be promoting healthy eating.

Customers will see you as a food expert because that’s precisely what you are. You’ll already be working in some kind of café, restaurant-style setting, and the type of healthy food we sell is something you’ll adore in your personal life too.

You’ll be the type of person who lives it, breathes it, cooks it, savours it and thinks about it all day.

About you

As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll need a deep passion for food, and a good knowledge of the type of food served in a typical Community Cafe environment. That’s not all there is to it though – the fact is, you’ll need to be really good with customers too.

Passionate, articulate and friendly, you’ll be well-versed in sharing your love of food with others, particularly as you’ll have previous experience preparing and selling fresh food in a deli environment.

About the application process

If you’re interested in joining the Brooks Café team, you’ll need to complete the application form provided in Southern Brooks Recruitment platform following the link below.
If you’re successful, you’ll take part in a face-to-face interview with a Line Manager.

Job tenure: Part time
Annual salary/pro rata salary: £10 per hour
How to apply:
Application deadline: 27/09/2019