The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have launched an Adult Social Care Campaign targeting people choosing adult social care, for themselves or others in England.

About the campaign: #CareAware

The new CQC national campaign, aims at raising awareness of CQC among people choosing adult social care, for themselves or others. CQC want more people to be aware that if they are choosing home care or a care home,CQC can help them make that decision. CQC also want to encourage more people to download their independent reports to compare options before choosing a care home.

A consumer survey CQC recently commissioned has highlighted that choosing adult social care in England, whether that’s choosing a care home or a provider to arrange care in the home, is one of the biggest sources of stress compared to other key life events.

How you can help. CQC would be delighted if you could help us promote the campaign and its key messages with your followers and audience. There are several ways you could do this:

· Share information about the campaign and campaign assets on your website. This could also include a blog or news piece on your website, using the press release as guidance

· Share information about our campaign in your newsletters to organisation members and members of the public

· Share campaign information on your social media channels, either by sharing tweets/ posts from CQC channels or posting your own messages, using the campaign hashtag #CareAware

You can download the CQC Stakeholder Toolkit which provides more information and help