The CAF Tourle Foundation Fund seeks to award grants to local charities delivering services for local people in all parts of the UK.

The target audience are small place based charitable organisations providing a service to the heart of their community within the UK.  

An example would be a charitable organisation set up by the community in a village, providing services to older people in isolation; a small community group on an estate providing drop in sessions for teenagers etc.

Organisations applying must:

  • be applying for up to £5,000
  • be providing a service to the heart of your community
  • be a community charitable organisation whose reach is within a  localised catchment area
  • be able to demonstrate the need of the project
  • have an annual income below £50,000
  • have charitable aims and objectives
  • operate within the UK
  • be able to demonstrate impact and value for money

For full information on the grants and how to apply