British Ecological Society Grants

British Ecological Society Grants for activities and research related to Ecology. Mainly to support education – teachers in schools.

The Society provides grants to promote excellent ecological research, training and communication as widely as possible. In recent years, over £200,000 per annum has been awarded through the various Society grants.

Research Grants

These grants support scientific ecological research where there are limited alternative sources of funding.  Small projects can be awarded up to £5,000 and early career ecologists can apply for funding up to £20,000.

Ecologists in Africa

This grant provides support for ecologists in Africa to carry out innovative ecological research.  The BES recognises that ecologists in Africa face unique challenges in carrying out ecological research and this grant is designed to provide them with support to develop their skills, experience and knowledge base as well as making connections with ecologists in the developed world.

The maximum value of a grant is £8,000 for research and an additional sum up to £2,000 may be requested to fund travel.

Training and Travel Grants

This grant supports the training and development of students and postgraduate research assistants (RAs) or their equivalent.  Grants of up to £1,000 are available.

Outreach Grants

The BES encourages its members and others to promote ecological science to a wide audience. To this end, they offer Outreach Grants of up to £2,000.

Deadline:   Check website for latest deadline details

Contact: The British Ecological Society, Charles Darwin House, 12, Roger Street London, WC1N 2JU

Telephone: 0207 685 2505


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