Big Lottery Funds for Community Celebrations

Six out of ten people surveyed say they have never or cannot remember ever coming together to celebrate with their community. Big Lottery Fund wants to help change this.

We are offering up to £10,000 for organisations to bring people together locally.

What would you celebrate in your local area?

We will fund activities that bring people together to celebrate their local community.

In your application we would like to know

  • how the project will bring people together in the community to celebrate.
  • why the activity is something your local community wants and how you can demonstrate it is led by the people within it.

This is an example of a project that might be funded under Celebrate.

The Wingates Village Institute applied to the Big Lottery Fund last year for £1,208 to host a celebration party to mark 100 years of the building of the Northumberland hamlet’s village hall.

Community activities had not been well attended in the run-up to the events. This was as a result of tensions over the building of a contentious wind farm nearby, according to Heather Leatherland, chair of the village hall committee.

She says: “Wingates is a tiny village with a population of 33. For miles, the surrounding area is mainly farms and it is very easy for people to feel isolated. We feel it is our job as caretaker of the hall not to let that happen, and so we wanted to put on something really special to get people to come together.”

The Big Lottery Money grant was used to host a Ceilidh last September and a Christmas tea party on 5 December.

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