Become a Trustee

There are lots of small charities and voluntary organisations in South Gloucestershire working for a wide range of causes who could really benefit from the time and skills you could offer them as a Trustee.

You will find a number of organisations looking for new Trustees listed below, with a number of resources about being a Trustee coming first. 

CVS South Gloucestershire can also advertise any Trustee role that your organisation want to fill, for free, please click here to advertise.

Why become a Trustee? 

  • It’s one of the most important roles in the voluntary sector. Trustees set and maintain the strategic vision for the organisation and make sure that the organisation is well run and has the resources that it needs to help the cause it was set up to support.
  • is a valuable way to contribute to a voluntary organisation and it is also fascinating and rewarding experience for the Trustee. It can help to use and develop skills and widen experience. 
  • Not just limited for older people, young people are very welcomed too!  Guide to How Younger Trustees Benefit an Organisation and how to recruit them
  • Time commitment will vary do check with the organisation but often the commitment is limited to four compulsory Trustees meetings and the annual general meeting, it’s often the perfect volunteering opportunity for busy people!

The benefits of becoming a Trustee

  • put your skills and experience to use and make a lasting difference to a cause you care about
  • learn about the management and strategy side of charities, gain invaluable experience of strategic thinking and planning
  • experience team working at a leadership level
  • work with new and interesting people from diverse backgrounds
  • enhance your CV and open doors to new career paths
  • widen your professional networks
  • develop your judgment and interpersonal skills

Five Career Benefits to Trusteeship from Reach, organization connecting volunteers with non-profits

The Benefits of Trusteeship report from the New Philanthropy Capital (NPC): exploring the value of trusteeship through the eyes of individuals and charities, and providing practical guidance on finding suitable trustee positions

Charity Commission Resources about being a Trustee

The Essential Trustee: What you need to know, what you need to do 

Whats involved in being a Trustee: Find out what being a charity trustee involves, if you can claim expenses and where to get help and advice

Finding new Trustees: Guide on the recruitment, appointment and induction process for new charity trustees and how to set a framework for recruitment. CVS South Gloucestershire can help advertise your Trustee Position for Free, please click here to advertise.

Welcome Pack for new Trustees: Providing essential information to help you understand governance basics, financial filing requirements and how the Charity Commission can offer support. It also suggests practical steps that can be taken to carry out trustee duties effectively. 



Citizens Advice

Seeking Trustees with experience in Business or Commercial, Health or Social Care, Marketing or Communications and for a Treasurer