Discover Your Bounce

Do you want a taste of Discover your Bounce wellbeing events? See their upcoming events specifically targetting those running businesses and/or teams who might want a little flavour of what they offer before jumping on board.

Great news from 3SG!

On behalf of James Carlin we are pleased to inform that 3SG have just secured three years worth of funding from St John's Foundation in Bath.

Neighbourhood Planning Grant

The funding is available to volunteer groups for locally-led neighbourhood plans to provide discounted homes for younger people and families in need of housing.

COIN Event

Cohesion Engagement Event delivered by the newly formed Cohesion and Integration Network (COIN).

Activities Assistant

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust is looking for an individual who can engage with our residents and encourage them to be involved in activities inside and outside of the village/scheme and support them during these activities. Deadline 30 June 2019


The ExtraCare Charitable Trust is looking for someone to assist the Village/scheme Receptionist on the Reception. Deadline 30 June 2019
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